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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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rain. the heavy rain tomorrow afternoon. light showers off shore of san francisco. the bay area. might see sprinkles tonight around 9:00 p.m. maybe moderate sprinkles. the real rain, the bulk shows up into friday afternoon. heavy rain with this. a flood watch in the north bay tomorrow. a wind advisory tomorrow morning. the bridges are going to get a good dose of wind on the morning commute. it will be sloppy, wet. it is the afternoon commute that will be coming down. urban and small stream flood advisories throughout the bay area. when i come back the time line for your friday afternoon drive. see you back here. >> thank you. our meteorologists have been telling us the rain is coming. crews started to prepare for downed trees, power outages and flooding. ktvu's katy eustis caught up with workers prepping for the rain. >> reporter: within the last
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half hour the wind has picked up in our location. and so the storm is rolling in. but the last few days we have seen the calm before the storm and it is those conditions that are helped many crews kick it into high gear as they prepare. >> reporter: designed to unclog the nastiest of gunk. helping crews prevent flooding. >> when it rains that is our black friday. that is when we are in full force working 24/7 to make sure we are dealing with issues. >> reporter: from clogged drains to sewer back ups, they are ready for any challenges the storm may bring. >> always a new day. 15 years, no one day that is the same. >> reporter: with 25,000 catch basins and 1,000 miles of sewers, he is always on flood watch. >> okay. on to the next job. >> reporter: in orinda, rotten
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pine trees are the problem. >> they have a habit of falling over. >> reporter: not to mention high winds and heavy rain forecast. >> these are the primary and secondary lines. >> reporter: he called pg&e since he lives near the substation. >> everybody would be out of power for miles. >> reporter: crews are removing all three of his trees that are at risk of falling. >> i don't want problems with the wires coming down. it is dangerous. >> we want to address the potential hazards so we avoid those situations. >> reporter: pg&e says they will have additional crews ready to restore power if the prep work wasn't enough. >> you can never underestimate mother nature's power. >> reporter: there are sand bags available for homeowners.
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we saw plenty this afternoon available. and one thing to keep in mind, pg&e says do not hesitate to call if there is a power outage or if you see a tree that might be dangerous. let them know. >> all right. katy eustis reporting live in oakland. thank you. a lot of res dependents are turning to protecting their homes in the face of the rain storm. sand bags, a 77-year-old was one of them. sand bags are available for free as are shovels and loading cones. the problem was she was by herself and realized she needed help so tom vacar gave her a hand. she found out about flooding during the storms in december. >> the heavy, heavy rain came so fast, the ground was so dry that the water was just standing. the cottage is on a slab.
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so i had to put something there to make it not go under the wood. >> she hopes the sand bags will work better than the carpet she used before. this is what the flooding looked like last year. we took this video outside safeway on december 11. the parking lot turned into pond and there was enough water there the folks could go kayaking. stay with ktvu channel 2 news through the morning as the storm moves through the bay area on liar and online -- on air and online. a woman was rescued today after driving her car off of highway 1 and she walked away without a scratch. look at the video. the woman and her car ended up down the cliff just before 11:00 a.m. today. authorities say she was traveling south when she lost
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control. someone stopped and called for help. >> someone must have seen and other people stopped. it was almost a party. i was appreciative of everybody being there. >> before police and paramedics arrived she was able to climb out of her car. she wasn't hurt just very shaken up. leland yee pleaded not guilty to new charges in a courtroom today part of an indictment in his corruption case. he was charged last april with 2 dozen others. they are accused of accepting bribes from fbi agents in exchange for favors and for illegally trying to import firearms. this latest indictment alleges he and a school board member tried to hide the source of the bribes. leland yee's trial will begin in june. a problem many neighbors have been dealing with for
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years. trash left by people illegally dumping. the new program that rewards people who report the illegal dumping. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us live with the details on how to cash in. >> reporter: if you see illegal dumping you could earn a reward but you will have to be specific and she hoping this will finally help crack down on a problem that is costing taxpayers millions each year. >> reporter: a tough job. but public works crew do it day in and day out. cleaning up the illegal trash littered. >> always happening. >> reporter: the junk has officials fired up. >> we will not allow people to trash our city. >> reporter: a new program offering cash for reporting trash. >> we need to put a stop to this. if they are caught and fined
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you are eligible for a $100 reward or half of the fine the perpetrator pays. mayor libby schaaf hopes that will send a message. >> people have an incentive to turn them in. >> you will have to report the description, license plate and vehicle, the items and location and the date and time by calling or e-mailing public works. >> we need them to be our eyes and ears so they see what is going on and they share that information with us. >> reporter: last year they received 19,000 calls about illegal dumpers. a problem costing them $5.5 million a year. >> reality is, this is a hot spot. >> they are hopeful other people's trash could earn some a small treasure and help for a clean and beautiful oakland. >> the city deserves to be
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beautiful. we cannot tolerate this illegal activity. >> reporter: just to put it into perspective. crews collected 7,000 illegally dumped mattresses. >> thank you. tense moments in morgan hill after a traffic stop lead to the bomb squad being called out. it started when an officer pulled over a motorcycle rider. the officer realized the rider had a warrant for his arrest. when the officer searched his backpack he found three guns and a substance the officer thought might be c4 explosives. streets were blocked blocked and students were told a shelter in place. the bomb squad tested the substance and identified it was only welders putty. the shelter in place was lifted then. authorities say a man grabbed a woman off a san
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francisco pathway and assaulted her this morning. the woman called police around 12:45. the man grabbed her off the path between burke haul and the student center. he -- hall and student center. he groped her before running away. he is a man in his 20s. 5'7". wearing a gray hoody. daring day time robbery at a san francisco mall. san francisco police hope surveillance video can catch three robbers who took over a tiffany's jewelry store. ktvu's david stevenson talked with investigators about how the crimes impact local businesses. >> reporter: san francisco business groups tell ktvu small stores are eyeing extra security measures in the wake of break ins at high end retailers. >> one hit and you have a few thousand bucks in your pocket. what should we do to prevent
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this from reoccurring all the time? >> reporter: the latest, three men on wednesday entered the tiffany store. ordered everyone to the ground and forced an employee to open a display case. they fled with julie. >> -- jewelry. >> we are very concerned. >> reporter: police say this and other robberies around the city do not appear to be connected. in november thieves smashed a vehicle into this store. thousands of dollars worth of purses were stolen from this shore. in january burglars used a truck to break into a store. a week later gold nuggets were stolen from the wells fargo museum. >> studies are showing increases in anger in society. and i think we are seeing some of that in these shocking crimes. >> reporter: she says high end
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retailers are in a difficult position because visible security turns shoppers off. >> they can't rely on the one percenters so they are trying to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to a variety of people. >> that was david stevenson reporting. union square business owners are testing out 22 high definition cameras linked together around the neighborhood so better monitor and track thieves. attorney general eric holder is winding down his time in office and today he stopped in the bay area to focus on a hot button issue. he talked about building trust between citizens. he says it is important in the wake of the recent killings. >> out of what we have seen in ferguson, missouri, new york, cleveland, other places, there is an opportunity for us to move forward.
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make better the relationship that must exist between law enforcement and the communities that we serve. >> i thought that there was a lot of hand holding for the law enforcement that was in the room. i would have preferred a more frank discussion. >> in san francisco eric holder attended a small event at the boys and girls club. breaking news. problems on b.a.r.t. there is a major delay between the fruitvale and the coliseum stations due to an equipment problem on the tracks. you can expect delays now throughout the system as a result. we are working to get more information. if we do we will bring it to you. homeowners are asked to cut back on water use during the drought. one family took action by getting rid of their lawn. >> we decide to take it out and put cobblestone as you can see. >> how the plan to conserve water back fired and what the city is threatening now.
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>> it could get more expensive to drive if one politician gets his way. why new vehicles could mean all drivers have to pay a new fee. >> and a look at your thursday night commute. a slow going drive. people are making their way towards the bay bridge, the headlights there. back with more in a moment. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's
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in now that cars are more fuel efficient. the man who ran the little league is behind bars facing embezzlement charges. police arrested him today after a month long investigation. he took $20,000 from the little league's bank account and most of the withdrawals matched deposits into his account. investigators say the money was spent on a family vacation. new at 6:00 p.m. a san jose homeowner says all he wanted to do was help out with the drought. he replaced his yard that was full of brown grass with cobblestones. problem is, the plan back fired. the city told him he could be fined $20,000 a day. ktvu's azenith smith explains what went wrong. >> reporter: he lived at his home for the past 5 years, he
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calls transforming his yard a labor of love. he spent $5,000 with the intention to save water. >> project i would be proud of. making the community nice. >> reporter: he got a letter saying what he did was illegal. >> saying i am in violation of san jose codes. >> reporter: if he didn't remove it -- >> all the way down to the tree. >> he has to pay $2,500 a day. >> i almost passed out like how can you do that? >> reporter: in 1999 the city of san jose passed a ordinance. it states the first 25 feet back from the sidewalk can't be waved. half of it must be made of landscaping, vegetation or rocks. >> he selected the wrong
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material for replacing his lawn. >> she says the ordinance was meant to address parking complaint and drainage and flooding concerns. >> you don't want a surface that would cause more run off. >> reporter: he has been approached by neighbors, he warns to check with the city first before doing a project. he hopes the city will think twice about amending the law. >> heart breaking. so much on this. >> the city is working with the family. the city said if they bend the rules for this homeowner they will have to do it for everyone else. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. the rain heading this way, let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. >> we have been talking about the storm since last week. it will take a while.
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>> finally here. >> well, it isn't. tomorrow will be slow getting here as well. in the afternoon hours. it is a waiting game. when it gets here the rain will come down. especially on the afternoon commute. lunchtime, 2:00 p.m., we will see heavy rain in the bay area. getting light showers now. let me grab water. light showers north north of the area. there you go. dangerous cross winds on the bridges tomorrow. a wind advisory. we single out the richmond bridge, what happens is, you get the south winds, the bridge, they have -- run perpendicular to the winds. so all that wind gets speed up. by the time it hits richmond the winds are going good. we could see gusts 40 miles per hour on the bridge. the rain shouldn't be a problem
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for the morning commute. it will be damp. 6 inches to a foot in some places. storm gets in here friday. heaviest rain, lunchtime, there is the hot spot. saturday we get a break. sunday there is system number three. not as strong. a rainy weekend. saturday is your break. not going to -- scattered showers on saturday. 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, looks like this. the roads are getting wet. showers heavy, vacaville. the rain is heavy. now it starts to organize. 8:00 a.m. san jose, they haven't had much of anything. light showers. morning commute not that dicey. lunchtime. boom. thing drops down. similar to december. you see the heavy rain. this will get you a urban and small stream flood advisory in
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the bay area, san jose, 3:00 p.m. it unloads. as you can see, more showers on friday evening and saturday scattered showers. and then sunday when i come back at 10:00 p.m. the sunday weather system with the model. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, it is a light one. and a wet one. and it will be good news. we need the rain. friday will be wet. afternoon commute sketchy. saturday break. sunday more rain. stay inside, drive slow. >> pack our patience. >> this is what we need. >> good. good. >> thank you. a 49ers hall of famer is calling out tom brady and his super bowl win. also tiger woods playing again in san diego but things didn't go well. mark will explain coming up next in sports. >> right now it is time to check in with gasia mikaelian with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m.
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>> involving nbc news anchor man, brian williams. he made up a story, and the hacking scandal led to a shake up at sony. an execkive decided to step down. these stories and more for you at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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all right. mark is back now with sports. not looking good for tiger woods. >> yeah. last week he didn't make the cut and crawls today -- withdrawals today. we might be seeing the beginning of the end for tiger woods. only 39 years old. but today san diego, a lot of fog hitting the course for the first round of the tournament there. and, well, he claims the fog helped his back tighten up and on number 12 you are seeing him reach for his back and moving slow. favoring the back. he with draws. the back locked up on him. you remember early in his career the swing of his, people said his career wouldn't last long with the torque he puts on it. today he addressed what occurred in the afternoon.
6:26 pm
>> frustrating. ready to go, i had a good session. stood out here and i got cold. never loosened back up again. [ indiscernible ] >> tiger woods there in a lot of pain and through in his second tournament of the year. >> inducted into the hall of fame. whether or not he was sticking up for his old teammate joe montana or what have you, he lowered the boom on tom brady today. >> i lost all respect because when -- when your integrity is challenged in the game of football, all his super bowls are tainted. you have to say it didn't happen over night. but i realized this, you know, 12 balls deplate ited -- deflated and you have bill belichick three times trying to explain it, you know something
6:27 pm
is wrong. >> all right. bottom line, anybody who knows anything about how his career ended with the 49ers, he ought to be happy he is in the hall of fame and button it. >> speaks his mind. for sure. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. we will track the storm. expecting to bring significant rain. 10 inches -- >> afternoon commute will be a mess tomorrow. >> thank you. that is coming up at 10:00 p.m. and we are always here for you at as well. good night. >> good night. bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397.
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